Consuming the Impossible

DuToitskloof Sauvignon blanc: FNB Top 10 award winner

No matter how one approaches the task of purchasing wine, whether at the cellar or a liquor outlet, one cannot buy a box of wine without a small ounce of guilt. If you consider yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur, purchasing a vintage in non-bottled form is done with a slight flush of red in the cheeks. However, at some stage, we all do it. Sometimes, budget or volume required simply calls for it.

However, when one does this task with DuToitskloof, the task becomes one that causes a bit of viticulture-vulture schizophrenia. As you may or may not know, DuToitskloof has won the Best Value for Money cellar award five times since the competition’s inception in 2001. In addition to this accolade, no other cellar has ever won it more than once. These guys are not mere experts, they are the foremost authority at giving more than you could expect out of a bottle.

So, when pulling out the box at a casual braai, you do so guiltlessly with DuToitskloof’s Sauvignon blanc. They have been awarded with one of the FNB Top 10 Sauvignon Blancs’ in South Africa. It may not sound like much, but for a wine that enters the market at its price-point, a wine that costs three to four times less than their Top 10 competitors, this accolade is unheard of. Plus, this is a 2.2 million litre blend! One cannot help but be amazed. Even more remarkable is that what’s in the box is what’s in the bottle: DuToitskloof puts the same quality into any packaging they chose to go with. Who on earth produces this stellar quality at a price that makes dispensing a “top-notch house wine” an inexpensive affair?

Amazing, considering that when DuToitskloof’s previous winemaker suggested making a Sauvignon blanc in the Goudini (Breedekloof) district, it was thought the region’s climate was prohibitive in producing this excellent and sought-after white wine. Yet, this wine has become synonymous with excellent Sauvignon blancs countrywide. One is hard-pressed to find a restaurant or store without it.

To continue what is clearly an exercise in gloating, the cellar took away a haul of medals at the Michelangelo Wine Awards. Here is a brief look at those accolades:

  • Double Gold: Dimension
  • Gold: Cabernet sauvignon; Merlot; Hanepoot Jerepigo
  • Silver: Shiraz; Chardonnay/Viognier; Brut

Point being, you simply cannot put a foot wrong when reaching for either a bottle or box of DuToitskloof. Nobody can fault you for being cheap, even though the price may suggest otherwise.