Fairtrade: Corporate Social Responsibility

Onderplaas Creche early childhood development program

Since 2005 we have worked closely with the international Fairtrade organisation on the Fairhills project. It is the largest of its kind undertaken by this UK-based organisation in the world.

The project improves workers’ and their respective families on members’ farms quality-of-life and services. The project derives funding from various sources, most importantly its 25% ownership of the Fairhills brand. The income is managed by a committee on which worker representatives predominate.

Funds are used to finance a range of projects, such as crèches for pre-school children, school buses, multimedia tools, bursaries for tertiary education and adult literacy programs. The project also supports government in operating the local primary school, has sponsored a computer centre and community library. High standards of staff housing, workplace safety, on-the-job health standards and labour management are part of the project. A craft cooperative for making candles, soaps and beaded articles also provides training, while a community centre serves as the focal point for social activities and educational programmes.


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