Cooking Show Bonanza

Season 1

Season 1

With the meteoric rise of Gordon Ramsay, came a new trend. Once a place only reserved for the Lady Gaga’s, Orlando Bloom’s and Paris Hilton’s of this world; the rise of the celebrity chef and the popularisation of the culinary arts began. We have transcended the time when a chef school was the preserve of the artistic urban dweller with a well-tuned palate. Cooking has become fashion, cooking has become cool, cooking has become entertainment.

Whilst Gordon Ramsay is famous to some, and infamous to others, as his personality can be magnetic or repulsive, depending on your individual moral code; family-friendly cookertainment options are a plenty. It would seem in South Africa, our options are even more diverse, as Anglophones may be unawares of Kokkedoor as the Afrikaans-speaker may be less inclined to Masterchef.

However, both are proudly based in the province that is undoubtedly South Africa’s capital of the culinary and viticultural arts, the paragon chic country living, the Western Cape. The English-language competition is based in Paarl, ironically, at the point-of-origin of the only Germanic language to have evolved outside of Europe: Afrikaans; lingua franca of Kokkedoor, based some 350km further north-east, in the quaint Great Karoo village of Prince Albert.

Season 1 winners of Kokkedoor

Season 1 winners of Kokkedoor

Du Toitskloof is en route between the two points. This progressive cellar, which has popularised value-for-money wines, has unsurprisingly loosely associated itself with cooking competitions; as witnessed in the guest list for the Cape Cuisine Cook-off, held with Muratie at the end of each winter. This casual association is about to become a full matrimonial pledge.

Du Toitskloof is already in numerous South African homes, particularly in urban centres. Who better to pair with the popularisation of the culinary arts, than them? Last week, the cellar’s management signed a three-year official sponsorship agreement with the good folks of KykNET and Kokkedoor. It is reported as a match made in heaven, as both parties are ideologically singing from the same hymn sheet. Both were as pleased as punch with this marriage; a culinary Brangelina.

Du Toitskloof is the epitome of the Jack-of-all-Trades, who is master of many. The numerous awards testify to this statement. With a range second-to-none, there is a wine to go with a mezze, entrée or dessert challenge. One could only imagine the perfect harmony, of the spicy berry fruit of the Dimension Red with a Karoo lamb challenge, the crisp, tropical-fruit undertones of Sauvignon Blanc with light, mezze eats, or the smooth, sweet, silkiness of Muscadel with dessert.

The distribution timing could not be more perfect, as Du Toitskloof has signed an agreement with Namaqua Distribution to reach more South Africans than ever before. I’m certain many rural KykNET viewers will be relieved, as after watching the show, their craving for the wine will be satisfied by a proximal participating retail outlet, whether in Upington, Utrecht or Umkomaas.

From the latest press release: “The reality show sees amateur and qualified chefs pair in teams cooking a combination of traditional and new recipes in a highly entertaining yet fiercely competitive competition. Filming for the second series started last week in the picturesque Karoo town of Prince Albert.“

The first season already aired on DStv’s KykNET in April 2013 with 13 episodes, with the second season expected to hit Southern African television screens next April. The winning contestant of 20 participants could win a substantial cash prize and cookbook publishing deal.

Du Toitskloof Wines is looking forward to working together with this growing television show over the next three years. They’re also delighted to expand their household reach. It’s hoped the show will make more of South Africa’s populace, Du Toitskloof converts – we promise to make your assimilation a pleasurable one.

The Kokkedoor set in Prince Albert

The Kokkedoor set in Prince Albert


2 thoughts on “Cooking Show Bonanza

    • Dankie Errieda, dis vir ons n ongelooflike voorreg om saam met Kokkedoor te werk. Ek dink nie ek het al OOIT saam met so n inspiring en positiewe klomp mense gewerk nie. Die wegholsukses van die program en kookboek is geensins n verrasing nie. “Gesondheid!!”

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