Special Waterblommetjie Edition: The Recipes

Benny Masekwameng (MasterChef judge) enjoying one of the day’s dishes as judging commenced.

To celebrate our successful hosting of the first annual Cape Cuisine event, the Waterblommetjie Competition between Muratie Estate and DuToitkloof Wines on 17 August, we are posting the finalists’ recipes for your enjoyment. Enjoyed by our VIP guests and the media, we trust these recipes can bring some winter warmth to your home, hopefully paired with one of our beautiful wines.

DuToitskloof’s Recipe:


 • 3 kg mutton in large chunks

• 1 chopped onion

• 12 small onions

• 4 cloves of garlic

• 15 small potatoes

• 4 cups chicken stock

• 2 cups Du Toitskloof Chardonnay

• 3 kg waterblommetjies

• 1 cup soy sauce

• Freshly ground black pepper to taste

• A bunch of wild sorrel or lemon juice to taste


• Brown the meat in its own fat or use a bit of oil. Remove and brown the small onions until brown and keep aside.

• Braise the chopped onion and garlic and add the meat, wine and stock and place the waterblommetjies and small potatoes on top

• Place the lid on and simmer for about an hour

• Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for afurther 20 minutes

• Serve with crushed wheat, rice, beetroot salad and baked quince

Muratie’s Recipe:


• 1 kg mutton (a combination of platrib, dikrib and sheeps’ tails)

• 2,5 kg waterblommetjies, cleaned

• 500 g potatoes, peeled and cut into wedges

• 1 onion roughly chopped

• 1 clove of garlic fi nely chopped

• A bunch of wild sorrel, finely chopped

• 250 ml hot water

• 15 ml brown vinegar

• A pinch of grated nutmeg

• Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

• Lemon for serving


• Use a heavy bottomed cast iron pot with a lid

• Season the meat with the brown vinegar, salt,pepper and nutmeg

• Braise the meat, onion and garlic in a little water until tender

• Add the waterblommetjies and wild sorrel and place the potatoes on top

• Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste and add the 250 ml hot water

• Cover with the lid and simmer until tender. Keep hot water handy should you need more moisture – don’t let the contents cook dry or turn into a soup.

• Don’t stir the pot during the cooking but only before serving to mix the meat, potatoes and waterblommetjies

• Serve with rice and lemon wedges.

CLEANING THE WATERBLOMMETJIES – Soak the waterblommetjies overnight in salt water and rinse thoroughly. Remove all sand and dirt as well as the harder parts from the flowers and the leaves.

THE MEAT – If using mutton tails, don’t exceed the weight of the meat as specified in the recipe. If using lamb, braising will be much quicker. The success of this stew is the marriage between the fat of the meat and the waterblommetjies


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